Day 1 of 28

Today started out GREAT! I was excited to wake up and make my celery juice and start my detox. It took a full bunch of celery to make a little more than 15 ounces. The detox calls for 16 but I figured that 15 was close enough 🙂 I always used celery in my juices but never had straight celery juice. It was good. Tasted a bit on the salty side but I suppose celery does too.

For breakfast I made a smoothie. I busted out my Vitamix and threw in a handful of greens (spinach & kale), frozen bananas, a wild berry mix of strawberries, blueberries and black berries, a date, a tsp of chia seeds and some water. I had about 20 oz of smoothie and drank it slowly so it counted as my breakfast and my mid morning snack.

Lunch was a large salad. LOTS of romaine lettuce with avocado cilatro dressing. I cheated and had a little free range lemon chicken that I had leftover just to get rid of it. I hate wasting food! The salad was good. The avocado dressing was really overpowering. Not sure if it was the orange and lime juice that I used or the cilantro but I will be more selective of my dressing recipe options going forward!

About an hour or two after lunch I was still really hungry so I had a small handful of cashews (again a cheat but I was easing into day 1). A short time after that I started to get a headache. My body temperature got really hot and my head started getting fuzzy. My neck muscle on the left side started to seize up and I knew it was going to be a rough rest of the day. Once those neck muscles cramp up I just have to wait it out.

I figured some ginger tea might help a little so I made some grated ginger, lemon and honey tea and sipped on that for a few hours. Nope, still had a headache and was getting really exhausted tired. I should have taken a nap but I was busy working on a few things that I couldn’t put off.

Dinner, with a full blown migraine, was just a sweet potato. I baked it in the microwave for convenience but once I’m feeling better I will find a better way of cooking these. I love sweet potatoes so it will stay a regular part of my diet. I just peeled it and put a touch of pink Himalayan salt on it and had an apple. I only finished 1/2 of the apple because my jaw started hurting as a by product of my neck muscles tensing up.

Oh, ad I had a few cups of Nettle tea. One in the AM and then one after dinner. I was feeling so sick by the time I had the last cup that I ended up getting a little nauseous after drinking it.

Could have been a worse day but definitely could have been better. Not sure if my neck was reacting to the cilantro or the cashews? Who knows but it’s going to be a rough night sleep with my neck muscle cramped up. Going to go take some Pure Rest and call it a night.

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