4 Ways to Keep Spirits Up When in Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain is literally no fun. One of the hardest things for me to do when I was at my worst pain levels for so long was to stay positive. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. There was no glimpse of ever having a pain-free or even pain tolerable day again.

Once I realized how far my Spirit had fallen I had to really figure out how to pull myself out of that rut. Here are a few things that I was able to do that helped me deal with the chronic pain battling my Spirit.

  • Think of 1-3 things that I was thankful for that day. It could be anything big or small. An average day when I first started might have looked like. I’m grateful that I woke up and didn’t have a migraine. I’m grateful that the dogs were angels today. I’m grateful that I live in a place where the weather is perfect! See. Simple. It can be anything big or small. The purpose of reviewing your gratitude is to remember that it’s not always about the bad and pain. There are still good things in each day. The more we focus on the good. The more apparent it becomes and crowds out the bad.
  • Watch comedies! Laughter is the best medicine after all. I would find movies or tv shows that could make me chuckle even on those gnarly bad days. I didn’t always physically laugh but they always made me smile on the inside! I also made it a point to make fun of myself and laugh with my friends. I remember one day I was emptying the dishwasher and my hand strength was so bad that I dropped a bowl and when it shattered it cut a huge gash in my pinkie. It wasn’t funny but we definitely took pictures of the paper towel and tape bandage that my boyfriend made me and posted it on the inter webs with a funny message attached to it.
  • I watched a lot of inspirational documentaries. Two of my favorites were Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and Hungry for Change. I literally watched them over and over again and I still watch them to this day when I need a little pick me up!
  • Smile! As hurt as I was and as depressed as I was I always made it a point to keep a smile on my face. Most people never really knew how sick I was because I felt like if I kept a smile on my face then everything would be alright. Some days, when it felt like an anvil fell on my head or I couldn’t turn my head more than a few centimeters either way it was tough but I kept at it!

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